Description of Service

A walk is a 15, 30, or 60 minute appointment with the dog(s) of the client’s household. During this time period, a team member will leash up and take the dog(s) out for a stroll around the neighborhood. We strive to have the same team member walk the dog(s), but occasionally another member may fill in. If requested, this appointment can consist of play-time with potty breaks instead of a walk. Clients with multiple dogs can request that team members walk all dogs at the same time for the entire period, or they can ask to split the appointment time and give each dog a shorter, individual walk. If there are preferred routes for the dog(s), the client can specify those as well. When choosing an appointment duration, please take into consideration any additional service you would like for your dog (e.g., grooming needs on wet days, feedings, etc.). These additional services will occur within the 15, 30, or 60 minute time frame, not in addition to that time, meaning your pup’s walk may be shorter than the specified time, unless you request a longer appointment to allow for the walk duration desired plus additional services.


As a proponent of positive, lure-reward training methods, Puget Sound Puppers (“PSP”) does not advocate the use of aversive training methods nor the tools used in that style of training. More specifically, PSP team members will not walk dogs using choke chains, prong collars, shock collars, or any other tool or item used to apply pain or discomfort in response to an unwanted behavior. By using our service you agree to us not using those items or methods and understand that we will not apply positive punishment under any circumstances. Please note that, while we do our best to get our canine clients outside year round, dogs unwilling or frightened to go out in severe weather will not be dragged, tugged, or otherwise forced outdoors. In such situations, clients can choose to downgrade their appointment to a shorter time frame (15 or 30 minutes), or keep the original appointment length and allow their dog to have some super playtime inside with their walker buddy. If our team member encounters a situation in the home requiring extensive cleanup or attention, the work done during this time will necessarily result in a shorter walk for your dog(s).

Rates of Service

Rates for walks are subject to change. Current rates can be found on the Walks page.

Availability, Notice for Requests, Closures
Our normal hours of operation are 9am-6pm, Monday through Friday, with additional availability outside these times upon request. While we do our best to accommodate our clients’ needs, please note that requests for weekend walks or walks outside our operation hours on weekdays are difficult to schedule without at least 24 hours notice. Please try to offer as much notice as possible, and understand that we are unlikely to be able fulfill last-minute requests during off hours.

During times of inclement weather or other catastrophic events that result in treacherous driving conditions or other situations that would put an employee’s safety at risk (e.g., extremely icy roads, flooding, roads closed due to disaster), we reserve the right to cancel a walk at no charge to the client.

Puget Sound Puppers LLC will be closed for the following holidays:
May 29, 2017 (Memorial Day)
July 4th (Independence Day)
September 4, 2017 (Labor Day)
November 23, 2017 (Thanksgiving)
December 24th (Christmas Eve)
December 25th (Christmas)
December 31st (New Year’s Eve)
January 1st (New Year’s Day)

Cancellation Policy

We are happy to cancel at no charge when given notice by 7pm the evening before the scheduled appointment (verbal or written, delivered to Wesley Hawkins, Jaime Volker, or Nicole Morrow). For walks canceled after 7pm the evening before, we reserve the right to charge the canceled appointment at the full rate. A walk that would otherwise be canceled late can be rescheduled for free; if, however, that rescheduled appointment is canceled, we reserve the right to charge for the appointment. The date of the rescheduled appointment must fall within one week (7 days) of the date of the original walk to avoid any cancellation charges.


As part of the terms of service, the client must provide PSP with access to the home, if the dog is left indoors, or with access to a fenced yard, if the dog is left outdoors.

If the dog is indoors, the client is to provide PSP with access to the home in one of the following ways before service commences:

  • Provide two sets of keys (one for the principal walker, one as backup) to the home. Upon termination of service, PSP will return both sets of keys to the client.
  • Provide one set of keys (originals or locksmith copies), and give PSP permission to make a backup set. Upon termination of service, the client will receive the original set, and may purchase the backups at $5 per key; otherwise PSP will destroy and dispose of the backup set. Note: if a FOB or key labeled DO NOT DUPLICATE is required, the client must provide PSP with two sets of each item at the client’s expense. Both sets will be returned to the client upon termination of service.
  • Keep one set of keys in a lockbox, and give PSP the location of the box and its access code.
  • If PSP is required to disarm a home security system upon entry, the client will provide the appropriate protocol for disarming (and arming) the alarm. PSP agrees to use reasonable care with all sensitive items and information, including, but not limited to, keys and security access codes.


All walks are billed on a biweekly (i.e., every other week) schedule. Invoices are sent via email, usually on Sundays (but may be sent on Mondays during a holiday weekend or when unforeseen circumstances prevent timely billing).

We accept payment by check (pay to Puget Sound Puppers LLC), cash, or online via credit card or e-check. All payments are due within 14 days of invoicing. Please do not send cash via post.

We also offer the option to “set it and forget it” via our Auto Pay service. With this option, the client keeps a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) or checking account on file with PSP. Auto Pay clients also can choose to be billed biweekly or monthly. For more information or to sign up, contact Jaime Volker (jaime@pugetsoundpuppers.com) for an AutoPay Authorization form. You can return the form to the supervising team member in a sealed envelope (please sign the back of the envelope after sealing it) or mail the form to Jaime directly.

All billing questions or problems with invoices should be directed to the Director of Operations, Jaime Volker (jaime@pugetsoundpuppers.com).