** Please note: due to COVID-19, all 90-minute training consultations will be conducted remotely rather than in-person. We appreciate your cooperation as we adjust to help keep everyone safe. **

Private Training

Live a happier life with your dog through positive reinforcement training.

The Benefits of Positive Reinforcement Training:

  • Teach your dog to do what you want, instead of what you don’t, such as barking, digging, destructive chewing, jumping, pulling on leash and resource guarding.
  • Achieve great, long-lasting results. Training based in positive reinforcement is fast – and fun – for both you and your dog.
  • It’s the most exciting, effective, and humane way to help your dog live happily with you.

Package Options

All training begins with gathering information and scheduling the Initial Consultation. At this consultation we’ll decide together whether our one-on-one coaching packages or day training packages will work best for your needs. The $199 fee includes email/phone interviews for gathering info, a 90 minute in-person appointment, and writing the training plan outline.

One-on-One Coaching

We work with you and your dog at every appointment, in the places where you need the most help.

  • Address problems such as pulling on leash, jumping up, and ignoring you when called.
  • Improve aggression issues like lunging, reactive barking, snapping, and biting.
  • Learn safe, pain-free, dog-friendly training skills that build confidence and trust.

Day Training

We work with your dog while you take care of your day. You’re busy, so let us help get your dog’s training started on the right foot. We work with your dog to jump start the training, which makes it easier for you to utilize your dog’s new skills in your daily life. We work with your dog three times per week, then we meet with you once a week to explain the details of the week’s training efforts.

  • Address problems such as jumping up on people or learning to settle around others
  • Jump start shaping new behaviors
  • Great for on-leash issues like pulling, lunging, and barking at other dogs, people, cars, etc.
  • Super-flexible scheduling options–you don’t need to be home.

We will never use or recommend electric shock, prong collars, choke chains, leash jerks, hitting, or intimidation as part of any training plan. 

About Your Trainer

Wesley Hawkins, CDBC

Wesley Hawkins, CDBC

Owner/CEO | CDBC | AKC-CGC | LLA Certificate of Excellence

I decided to study dog behavior and training because I wanted my two-year-old Labrador to behave better. I found the work so fascinating that I started Puget Sound Puppers in 2010 and became a Certified Dog Trainer by the Animal Behavior College (ABCDT) in 2012. I became a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant I in 2020. I enjoy teaching people how to have a better quality of life with their canine loved ones through the fun, easy, and dog-friendly use of positive reinforcement training.

IAABC Certified


Initial Consultation: $199 

(emails or phone calls to collect information, a 90 minute in-person appointment, plus an initial training plan outline)


One-on-one Coaching (60 minute sessions)

1 session: $145
Package of 5 sessions: $675
Package of 10 sessions: $1299
Package of 20 sessions: $2499


Day Training (Four 60 minute sessions per week)

3 weeks (12 sessions): $1499
6 weeks (24 sessions): $2799
12 weeks (48 sessions): $4999
Week 13 and beyond (4 sessions per week): $400 per additional week

Become a Pupper Pal!

Know someone that needs training for their pup? You can earn credit for each referral you make.

We do not discriminate against any breed because we believe that each and every dog deserves respect and understanding as sentient beings with their own emotions and choices.

Please note: Because every dog is an individual, no training program can guarantee a specific result. Progress depends on each owner’s capabilities to follow through with training.